Via Website (Strongly recommended)


  1. Open www.oliveandpam.com
  2. Click MENU and choose the product,
  3. Add the quantity of flavours as you intended,
  4. Once you have done with the flavour options, Add the quantity of the box, click ADD TO CART,
  5. On top of your homepage screen, there is a shopping bag sign, click view cart to review your order,
  6. Once you review, click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT,
  7. Fill in the contact details and once you are done, click PLACE ORDER,
  8. You will receive order summary and our bank details. Please complete the payment before 15.00 (one day before delivery date),
  9. Once you have complete the payment, fill in the details of payment on Payment Confirmation,
  10. Your order will be automatically registered once you receive an e-invoice from us.



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